Reptile Parties!
We are Melbourne's Snake Charmers.
Avoid imitators.
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reptile parties

Here in Melbourne, we do snake charmer shows and wildlife displays at major events, nightclubs, schools, expos, festivals, kinders and reptile parties and wherever we have the opportunity to meet, greet and educate kids and adults about how great snakes and other wildlife are and to make it fun at the same time.
From erotic exotic dancers, wild performers, corporate meet and greet shows and Australia's best hands on reptile displays, we are Melbourne's leaders in educational wildlife displays.
Unlike unsafe imitators, we also have dog-tame Crocodiles and other absolutely awesome wildlife, to make your next party or event undeniably fantastic!
Remember: Only we, let our guests handle the animals!
To book your the Melbourne Snake Charmer, as a reptile handler or other reptile/wildlife event call us on 0412777211
If you need to find out more about Australia's best wildlife and snake shows and our world famous Reptile Parties, click on one of the two images below the snake charmer images.

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snake charmer


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